Vegan in Lopburi: Episode 1


Look for Jeh. It means Vegan.

Thailand is pretty great for vegans. From Ethos in Bangkok to Khun Churn in Chiang Mai to Ninja Crepes in Samui it’s pretty easy to find a go-to place. (For more information on veganism in Thailand this blog post has some good info.)

Lopburi is a little different; it’s both smaller and has fewer tourists. Happy Cow lists three places but two are hard to find.  (There are also a few salad places littered around as that craze sweeps the country.) Eventually I’ll try to profile all the places in town but I’m going to start with one that as far as I can tell isn’t listed anywhere (in English at least) online.

Guan Yin Vegetarian Food / Jeh Guan Yin

Guan Yin is a humble little vegan cafe located next to Muang Mai School near the King Narai Roundabout. (You can find Muang Mai School on google maps.) It’s quite easy to find once you know where it is.

2018-05-12 17.35.23


Turn left and go down the sidestreet when you see this sign.


Head toward this….


This is what you’re looking for. It’s less than a minute walk from the main road.


Come in and there are 1-2 soups and a few pre-made dishes. I chose to forgo the soup and got a plate of tofu and veggies and some kind of tvp on rice. Even if you don’t speak Thai (and I don’t) it’s easy to simply gesture at what you would like.  It was filling and tasty and in the end it cost 30 baht (slightly less than 1 USD). With soup it might cost a little more, granted, but this place puts the ฿ in bargain. I don’t think they get many farang but when I was there, sweaty as can be, they gave me a cup of ice to pour my water into and pointed the fan toward me. It’s always nice to have our farang proclivities catered to.

I’ve only been once but it’s not far from where I’m staying and I am definitely planning on going back, hopefully at least once a week. Even though I’ve complained about the idea that eating out is cheaper than cooking, at Guan Yin it just might be true!-

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