Vegan in Lopburi: Episode 2

20180503_154300This is not a jeh restaurant; there is lots of meat here. But the Salad bar is largely vegan, the owners are friendly and speak a little English, .

The good news: There are lots of great options: Lettuce and sprouts and carrots and veggies and kidney beans and potatoes and pumpkins and loads more.

Bad news: Now there are meat options and the tongs aren’t really cleaned so there is some cross-contamination worries. But it’s Thailand and that’s hard to avoid.

You pay by weight and my salad usually comes up to about 60 baht (2 dollarsish).



If you’re not in hurry then the juices are made fresh and are super good. So far I like number 8 most of all but they’re all tasty and cost a mere 40 baht (a little more than a dollar.)


It’s pretty centrally located (right next to the kindy). You can find USalad here:

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