What’s up? May 2018


I am teaching at Banjongrat school in Lopburi, which has a population of about 250,000 people. Most of that population comes from 1 of 2 places: The army and a Japanese company (whose name currently escapes me) make up most of the city.

Some History

Lopburi is a pretty old place, having been inhabited since at least 450 CE. For many it years it was called Lavo (lava city) in reference to Lahore, Pakistan which is where its founder King Kalavarnadish came from. Because of that Hindu background, monkeys are still sacred here and they run amok in the Old Town. It was attacked and sacked by the Burmese in Bagan and the Khmer before being made into the capital of the Ayutthayan empire.

Lopburi (Lavo) is described in Book III of Marco Polo’s Travels, where it is called Locach.  In the 17th century it reached its peak under King Narai  (maybe equivalent to Sejong in Korea or George Washington in the US.) After that heyday, it sort of faded until early in the 20th century when it got slated as the military base it remains today.

Nowadays there are ruins in the old town and they’re pretty rad. From what I’ve seen, there are tons just laying around the city.





My School

2018-04-11 00.33.04

It’s just training time thus far but the campus is sweltering and tropical. We also have a Kindergarten that I’ll teach at once or twice a week but these are pictures from the Elementary school.

2018-04-11 00.31.012018-04-11 00.31.512018-04-11 00.32.152018-04-11 00.32.38

My Home

kp place

I was planning on (first) getting a place close to the school and (second) getting a place close to old town. But upon touring I found a great place that although far from school and farther from old town is really close to some markets and the grocery store.The views are nice and they have a washing machine (so I can do my own laundry) and the owner speaks a little English.  Plus look at their house rules.


The rent is fairly high for these parts but quite reasonable at 5000 baht.  Rent with electricity/water and phone plan, altogether, is about $220 dollars. I move in Sunday.




So that’s the scoop on my city, my job and my apartment. I’ve only been here for 3 days so obviously this is all massively subject to change.

4 responses to “What’s up? May 2018

  1. Looks good so far, man! I imagine the ruins will be inspiring (I always di gthe old Hindu temples I’ve seen in SE Asia), and I am frankly amazed at seeing a pretty little fountain/pool at a school.

  2. Yeah that little fountain is cool! It seems having a thought toward aesthetic is a bit more of a thing here. But that’s probably no surprise.

    • It’s funny how being in a place where that’s not the case, the little touches suddenly become so noticeable.

      Looking forward to lots of monkey- and ruins-inspired stories.

  3. Looks good. Anyone that paints a black cat on a wall is OK. Your apartment looks good. Hope the bed is comfortable. Thanks.

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