Who? Are? You?

Welcome to Are We There Yeti?

The author of this blog is Ahimsa Kerp, who is from the Pacific Northwest who enjoys alpine hikes, microbrews, vegan food, puns, and long books on the beach.

I am a traveling teacher and spec fic writer.  I taught in South Korea from 2009-2010, and again from 2011-2012 and again from 2014-2017 and then one more time starting at the beginning of 2020.  When I’m not working, I hit the road while hiking, eating, and playing board games.

Osaka, Japan
New Zealand
Melbourne, Australia
United States

Here is Ahi on a bridge and his photo featured on BootsnAll: Cambodian Truck.

Some of Ahi’s travel writing around the web:

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8 responses to “Who? Are? You?

  1. Right on! Can’t wait to see where the road takes you…

  2. Oh cool, thanks for the link in your blogroll. Drop me a line at wes at johnnyvagabond.com and I’ll get ya hooked up. 🙂

  3. Long books on the beach…. ha!

  4. Also, you guys are too freakin cute together. I can’t even quite handle that picture.

  5. Which board games are your faves? I’m a big Dominion fan 🙂

  6. Would you consider guest blogging for us at http://www.trailwala.com? If so, please contact us at ask [at] trailwala [dot] com

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