Annapurna Base Camp – Day 4 MBC to EBC to Himalaya

Some janky extra charges put yesterday at a 2000 rupee day, very expensive for a trail day.  But I was super warm all night.  I woke up at 5:30, stepped outside and carefully considered my options, then dove back under my covers for another 45 minutes.

I was out by 6:30, leaving my backpack and only bringing a bottle of water.  At that hour, I had the trail largely to myself and I made good time, getting to ABC in less than an hour.

The views were very nice–a little underwhelming after EBC, sure, but quite lovely.  Met up with some BBC musicians I had met the last night and walked down with them for some time.  Cool to have new people to talk to, and they had lots of great stories.  Plus I hadn’t had a chance to charge my toons for days so with no audiobooks or music I have to entertain myself the old-fashioned way–actual human interaction.

It usually rained or snowed by 4, with it beginning around noon yesterday.  But today it started snowing at 10 am, while we were still at MBC.  (I would later learn that 2000 rupees–20 bucks–went missing from an inside pocket–but I didn’t think to check.)  The snow was coming down and while hiking kept me warm, I didn’t really have a waterproof jacket.  My thermals were good but also my pjs and I didn’t want them to get wet.

Stopped for lunch in the same town I ate in yesterday and met the UK/Irish and Filipino trekkers from day 1.  They were stopped for the day and still on their way up, so after a brief catchup I said goodbye and headed out into what had become a white-out snowstorm.

I walked down as far as the town of Himalaya, but it was snowing hard and foggy and even the trail was hard to find at times.  Few people were out, and those that were weren’t only wearing a light windbreaker.  Rumors of no beds in the next couple towns helped me decide and I got a room with a Polish couple and a cool lit major linguist from the south of England.

Best of all, met an American scifi fan from Houston who was in Nepal for a grand total of 8 days.  Great night of chats but all of us were in bed by 8.




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