Annapurna Base Camp – Day 5 Himalaya to Pokhara

I was on the trail by 6:30 and I just walked all day. The climb up from Bamboo wasn’t as hard as I’d feared.  The one up into Chomrong was worse, but after some small breather breaks I stopped at the top and scarfed a piece of apple pie.

Back in the Valley

Back in the Valley

From there, I considered stopping at the town with hot springs, but it wasn’t even noon and so on I pressed.

Hard Day at Work

Hard Day at Work

Somewhat to my surprise, I was in Pokhara by 7 pm that night.  Got a room at the Kiwi guesthouse and was back in time to see the New Year’s parade the next day.

Baby goats

Baby goats

In all, I love the AC and was glad to have finally done it.  I had the time and energy and probably should have down the circuit as well, but this was a nice little coda hike to the big one in March.

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