The Best of 2009

2009 was a great year. As of February, I began teaching in Korea, went to Japan for an amazing vacation, and hiked, sang and explored my way through Seoul.

I’ve looked back and picked a picture from each month; a picture that in some way encapsulated that time. (This post is technically two years late, but that’s just a formality. All opinions have not changed.) Without further ado:

January 2009

McMenamin’s beer isn’t my favorite, but the pubs are always fun. And their IPA is quite nice.

February 2009

My first month in Korea was fairly amazing; this mishmash of graffiti in Hongdae kind of summons up the random factor of Seoul that I still dig.

March 2009

My first birthday in Korea was amazing–a full day affair that ended only long after the sun came up. I also learned the power of “Bohemian Rhapsody” in noraebong.

April 2009

April was my first (and maybe still best) experience in drinking with business men. We met the self-proclaimed “Dancing King” of Korea; drank a lot of plum wine and soju, shot midnight hoops, and sang national songs.

May 2009

May saw the first visit to Lotte World. Although the rides are sweet, it’s just as good for anthropological reasons; matching couple outfits, peanut butter squid, and hundreds of cute animal ears available for purchase.

June 2009

June continued the theme of exploration, and led us to Seoul Grand Park. It’s a massive area, with an amusement park, a Zoo, and a Rose Garden. You can ride an air gondola over the whole thing and see nearby mountains like Cheonggysan in this picturesque place.

July 2009

Summer break! A trip to Fukuoaka in Japan. One of the highlights was a daytrip to Beppu, a steamy town of monkeys, hotsprings, and sex museums.

August 2009

In August, we went on our second Adventure Korea trip. It wasn’t the greatest, but it did involve some great river swimming. The river was clean and green–it felt like swimming in the Pacific Northwest.

September 2009

This was our second trip to Seoraksan; it was nearly deserted and so green. We found time to go swimming and hike up some steep stone stairs–enabling this look down into the valley.

October 2009

My mom visited! Her visit had so many highlights, but for all of us the visit to the Buddhist temple on Bukhansan was particularly memorable.

November 2009

Our first visit to Olympic Park came at the exactly correct time–the midst of autumn.

December 2009

Christmas day saw a chilly visit to an outdoor theme park (alluded to in June) and a big dinner at On the Border, which has pricey but quite good Mexican food.

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