Yeti Daytrips: Don Inthanon National Park

Don Inthanon is known as the “Roof of Thailand,” as it contains the highest peak in the country.  At 2565 meters or 8400 feet high, the views from the top on a clear day are predictably grand.  It is also the only place in Thailand that gets cold enough for frost–on cold winter mornings you can see Thais taking pictures of the novelty.

Highly popular, with 12,000 visitors on New Year’s Day alone, the top has all the shops, restaurants, souvenirs, and vendors you’d expect from an Asian peak.  It’s located only a few hours drive from Chiang Mai, which also explains the popularity.

It’s possible to multi-day hike through the protected forests here, and oh-what-a-trek-that-would-be! You would be sharing the pine forest with serpents, gibbons, tigers, deer, wild boars, Siamese hares. That’s not to mention some of the best-named birds: Red Jungle fowls, Ashy-throated Warblers, Green-tailed Sunbirds, Chestnut-bellied Rock-Thrushes, and Yellow-bellied Flower peckers.

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