Everest Base Camp – Day 15, Gokyo Rest Day

We’ve heard rumors of a Russian Helicopter that takes you from just above Namche down to Jiri (about a 10 hour bus ride to Kathmandu) for something like 80-100 dollars.  At this point, the long walk (10 days from Lukla) out to Tumlingtar is out for all of us save Jamie, who admittedly is a hiking beast.  Mads (who is flying regardless) and Ash are quite enamored with the idea of the helicopter, and I am thinking of walking out to Jiri.

Today was fairly lazy.  I froze my hands washing to world’s dirtiest socks (my shoes have so many holes that it’s like just stepping into the mud), had my clothes freeze stiffly on the line in a sudden afternoon snow storm, ate some chow mein, and a met a rad older couple from Colorado who are here for mountain climbing.  They are veterans of the Rainbow gathering and remind me so much of people from the Illinois Valley that I almost wanted to ask them if they’d ever been.

Anyway, those of us whose clothing got frozen hung them on chairs by the fireplace, sort of rotating clothes and spaces with the people who also wanted to sit there.  My polyprops never got dry as a result, and so I slept with my down jacket in my down sleeping bad–and I don’t regret a thing!  Was pretty snug all night.

But weird weird weird weird dreams all night.  Cats looking up to the sky to warn of aliens, babies crawling on the street with syringes stuck in their arms, you know that kind of thing.

Today was a rest day (except for Jamie, who went hiking for 5+ hours) but tomorrow we will ascend Gokyo Ri. The last great viewpoint of the trip, and a truly challenging climb to see 4 of the 10 highest mountains in the world in one mighty panorama.

Day 15

From/To: Gokyo Rest Day
Elevation: 4790 meters
Lodge: Gokyo Namaste
Budget: 1230

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