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Yeti Reads: Five Recommended Travel Blogs

In an age where SEO and self-promotion have supplanted good writing and narrative-driven stories, it’s becoming more difficult to find great travel blogs.  They are out there, though it takes some sifting.

TukTuk mood

Here are a handful of the blogs that we here at Yeti really enjoy.  Each of these feature great writing by travelers who aren’t just going to the same places as the hordes of other backpackers.  Give them a glance and see what you think.

MonkBoughtLunch: A former ESL teacher with lots of pictures and good stories, including really good information on indy traveling in off-the-beaten path places like Central Asia and Yap.

Driving through Remote China

TimeTravelTurtle: An Australian traveler who delves deeply into the cultures he visits. For each country you get vivid writing and great photos plus good old practical nuts-and-bolts tips too.

The Lost Cliffs of Oahu

GlobeTrottingGirls: A pair of thoughtful ladies who have been all around the world.  Their “What I Wonder When I Wander” is especially great.

Ethiopian Tribes, Suri

OldWorldWandering: A pair of excellent writers who write professional quality non-fiction about the places they’ve been.  Some of the best travel writing out there, I’d say.

'A Dip Anyone?' New Zealand, Waiotapu, Champagne Pool

UncornedMarket: Written by self-described “full-time travelers and storytellers,” there’s over 6 years and 75 countries worth of material on their blog.

So there you have it: enough know-how, pictures, and guides to fill a guidebook or three.  Let us know what you think, and if you know of any more excellent examples please list them in the comments.