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Yeti Budgets: Borneo (Including Brunei)

Our time in Borneo was a bit strange, budget-wise. We flew a couple of times and got a little crazy at a grocery store in Brunei, but scored a few free nights at my sister’s house in Brunei. Overall, we came in just under our vague goal of $25 each per day.

Accommodation: $10.60/night
You may or may not have (I’m betting on the latter) noticed that our accommodation in Borneo was a lot cheaper than in Peninsular Malaysia. The pricesĀ  are actually really similar in the two areas — it just so happens that our time in Borneo included a 5 night stay with my big sis and her husband. Which meant, of course, 5 nights of accommodation for a grand total of $0. Cheers, guys!

Food $17.81/day
Again, food prices were pretty similar to those in Peninsular Malaysia. We had some super cheap nasi goreng dinners ($1.30ish) and balanced those out with some huge grocery shops in Brunei (oats, peanut butter, cereal, chocolate soy milk, and pasta galore!)

Travel: $17.55/day
Our travel expenses include a couple of flights (cheap airasia ones, but still a fair chunk more than a bus ride), a few buses ($15ish per long ride, $1-2 per local trip), and one boat ride to Bako National Park ($40 round trip).

Miscellaneous: $2.61/day
This category included a fair few entrance fees and… actually, I think that’s about it!

Total: $49.43 altogether/$24.72 each