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Vikings Vikings Everywhere

One of the coolest parts of Scandinavia is how much they embrace their Viking heritage. And why shouldn’t they? Far from their brutish reputations, Vikings were traders, explorers, guards, farmers, and of course excellent seamen. (This isn’t too say that Vikings didn’t kill or rob or burn villages to the ground; but this was true of everyone in their world; more abbeys in Ireland, for instance, were burnt down by rival Irish than by Viking warriors.)

You can find pretty much anything in Scandinavia with a Viking brand, from everyday necessities like beer or bread to buses, restaurants, and gift shops. You can buy something called Viking Blood (not that I recommend that or even know what it is.) From what I could tell, Denmark and Sweden were a bit more pro-Viking than Norway, but that might just be a small sample size.

Yeti Eats: Vegan Sweden

I was only in Sweden for a week–less time than I spent in either Denmark or Norway. And so I may be over-generalizing, but I got the distinct impression that Sweden is far more vegetarian and vegan friendly than its Nordic neighbors. (According to a recent study, one in ten Swedes is a vegetarian or a vegan).

The stores were stocked with tofu, faux-meat products (very cute ones at that), falafel shops abounded, and there’s a vegan buffet in Stockholm.

There’s also a Swedish oatmilk company called oatly thats slogan is “Like Milk. But Made For Humans.”

In short, from my experiences I think I can say that Sweden is far more vegan friendly than either Denmark or Norway.  Take a look for yourself:

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