Bars Bars Galore!

Before my flight to Berlin, I loaded up on bars. It’s increasingly hard to order vegan food on planes and additionally it’s nice to have a store of bars for a couple of days in a new city while you get your bearings.

Because it’s fun to rank things, here are some impressions. It’s a pretty narrow band of results because, well, they’re all pretty good.

Larabar – Cherry Pie

8/10 This one is as tangy as can be. One of my very favorites.

Larabar – Lemon Bar

7.5/10 Also tangy, also delicious.

Larabar – Cashew Cookie

7.5/10 A lot better than it should be.

Larabar – Blueberry Muffin

6/10 It’s good just not as special as the other Laras.

Larabar – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

7.5/10 You just can’t go wrong with these ingredients.

Trader Joe’s ABC

6/10 Almond butter and cocoa are great. But these get mashed easily and they’re a little more one note than the others.

Trader Joe’s Coconut Chocolate Date Bar

7/10 A solid choice. Not the best but pretty good.

Barebells – Salty Peanut

7/10 This is basically a vegan Snickers! But the powder in it is a little cloying to me.

Barebells – Hazelnut Nougat

5/10 This should be good but it’s cloying as well. I think I don’t love protein powder.

Go Macro – Heartwarming Retreat

9/10 This is indeed heartwarmingly delicious. Like a vegan Tiger’s Milk Bar.

Plus one more I found in Warsaw

Rawbite – Apple Cinnamon

6/10 Yeah, it’s fine.

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