Vegan in Lopburi: Episode 3

Ngok Nam Organic Farming Center and Restaurant


Another great little jeh restaurant that sells some selected vegan groceries too. They have a couple different kinds of soup and 3-4 different kinds of curry as well. The food is grubbing and quite cheap. They don’t have much an English presence online but it’s fairly central and there are directions in this post.



2 kinds of curry


Delicious Raadnar



Now in retrospect I don’t necessarily recommend this particular tin of “vegan chicken” but they have ramen, salad rolls, crunchy rice snacks, and lots more.



It’s at the Sra Kaew traffic circle, just behind the large monkey statue. You can find it here



Find this roundabout. It has statues of lions with elephant trunks.


Then find this statue. It’s right behind this Hanuman statue



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