Annapurna Base Camp – Day 2 Tolka to Bamboo

Oh man, I always do this when I walk by myself. I just walk too far, and for too long. I left Tolka just after 7, walked all day and made it to Bamboo at a quarter to 4.

Early Morning Views

Early Morning Views

Today was hiking through lots of flat, lots of up, lots of down, lots of everything, with killer mountain views for the first couple of hours. In general, the views were pleasant but hardly overwhelming.

Looming Mountains

Looming Mountains

Passed loads of people and took my first stop at Chomrrong for lunch (where my friends from last night were heading for today.) Met a cool couple from Wisconsin (the girl went to school with Gary Gygax’s son!), walked down a million stairs then right back up a steep climb. It began to rain so I ducked into a tea shop and met some Scots and an Englishman.

Deeper into the Valley

Deeper into the Valley

But I pressed on and then down some more steep stairs made it Bamboo, which I’d heard had a bad vibe and that it was hard to find a room. And it was! The first two places told me to sod off. Finally I found a found a dorm room at the last place in town for 150 rupees. And no one else came in, so I had the place to myself.

Typical Trail View

Typical Trail View

In all, I walked for 8 hours (with an hour stop for lunch and a few other mini-breaks). The LP trekking guide suggests 2 days, so I’m well ahead of schedule. Have already come 30 kilometers so far, which isn’t bad if you consider the elevation gains and losses and the 2.5 hours of non-trail climbing.

'Nother Trail Town

‘Nother Trail Town

Now I’m listening to some Americans girls flirt with some Ozzie guys (and they’re all drinking beer!) while thinking about dinner. Here has veggie curry with 3 chapatis for the same price as Daal Baht. Tempting.

Instead of renting sleeping bag, I bought a “-5” small one. It’s more like +15, but most everywhere has blankets and there’s always the sleep-in-all-your clothes trick.

TOWN: Bamboo
HEIGHT: 2310 meters
GUESTHOUSE: Trekking GH and R 150/room

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