Everest Base Camp Quotes

Some of the funniest statements of the trail–keeping in mind that both over-exertion and altitude lead to some pretty strange interpretations of “funny.”

“I don’t remember how to take a shower. What do I do? Do I need my socks?” Ash, after 10 days of hiking without washing.

“Fuck. I need a life plan that involves buying a house in New Zealand.” Ash

“Fucking French. Fucking Israelis. Fucking Russians.” Mads

“Israeli doesn’t even sound like a language. It’s so rough and guttural.” German dude.

“It was approximately 11.2 kilometers.” some German guy

“Actually 11.23, depending on where you start.” his German friend.

“There are some interesting contours on that yak dung.” Jamie

“As long as there’s poo, we can stay awake.” Ashraf

“The Pringles are staring at me…I can’t look…it’s like the CARE BEAR STARE!” Mads

“That fried rice made me fart. I keep outside and *loud fart noise* Just scared a yak right now. To be fair, it scared me too. *yak roar sound*” Ash

“A spastic nerd. That’s definitely the worst kind of nerd. Maybe the worst kind of spaz too.” Mads, while playing Cards Against Humanity

“Of all the things I ever thought I would race, I never thought it would be donkeys.” Mads

“I’m starting to think these little pink circles might be trail markers.” Jamie

“That’s the mark of a good hiker lodge–nails and hooks. They know what we want.” Ashraf

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