Everest Base Camp – Day 19 Namche to Lukla

We were up and out by 8.  It was, for me, the best day of the walk.  Everything felt easy, the views were awesome, and for the first day my body was just happy to walk all day long.  A full-on natural high, as every song that came on was perfect and every person I saw seemed to be smiling and happy.

Descent from Namche

Descent from Namche

We passed hordes of people laboring their way up to Namche, including lots of people in polo shirts and jeans and ironed shirts and wearing trainers or worse.  Yesterday’s showers aside, we were much grubbier.  All of us flew down the path, through forests and over rivers and down mountains.  For lunch I dipped some ginger cookies into my peanut butter–pure delicious energy!

How Green Was This Valley!

How Green Was This Valley!

It took only 5 and a half hours to Lukla, which feels massive.  There are fake Starbucks and fake Hard Rocks and lots of shops.  I ordered a double Americano for 300 rupees and added caffeine to the natural euphoria.  We found rooms for 133 rupees each (1.30) which is memorable only because that makes it the most expensive rooms since the first night, when we got off the jeep.  Lots of people are here, including the Germans, the rad Israelis from Chukhung, a polish girl we met in Namche and the French-Canadian dude.

My buddy Wind has been trying to tell me for years....

My buddy Wind has been trying to tell me for years….

And so we all decided to meet up in a pub, as a going away party for everyone (they were all flying back save for me and Edourd, the French-Canadian).  Most of the pubs were closed, but we found an Irish one where we were the only people.  Beers were expensive!  But the bartender, a kid of 16, let us play the music and we rocked CCR, Rage, Nirvana, Queen, and, best of all, Menoma.

The infamous Lukla airport

The polish girl, as the only female in a room full of dozen trekkers was mobbed.  She left as quickly as she could, which caused the Germans to look at each other and happily roar “Sausage party!”

One of the german guys had the same birthday as me, so we wisely decided to celebrate this by drinking rum and cokes.  We exchanged names again, and the Germans told me they’d been referring to me as “Nirvana guy.”  Another random German guy thought I was the spitting image of Tommy Chong, which goes to show how disheveled and hairy this trek left me.  And it turned out Bob Ross (real name: Simon) totally knew he looked like Bob Ross.

Celebrate Good Times--Come on!

Celebrate Good Times–Come on!

The beers were 5 to 7 dollars, and the rum and cokes more.  It was a very expensive day, and one that ended with me back at our lodge sending lots of the expensive liquor back into the toilet.  Urgh.

Day 19

From/To:  Namche to Lukla
Elevation: 2840 meters
Lodge: Khumjung Lodge
Budget: 5000+ rupees


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