Everest Base Camp – Day 18, Namche Rest Day

Woke up leisurely, read in my sleeping bag, took my first shower since last time in Namche (!), checked my email next to some Buddhist monks who hiked in once a week to update their facebook.

We all went off looking for Jamie.  We found instead the Germans we’d met way back in Chomrong.  Halfway through the day, the Germans came and found us.  They’d discovered Jamie!  He said he got lost, sort of blaming us for saying that it was a downhill day and at some junction he’d gone down instead of staying on the main trail.  He’d followed it for hours, apparently, and ended up stopping well before the snow.

It’s now clear that we’ll all go our different ways.  Mads is flying out, Ash is going to try and join him, I will walk out via Jiri, and Jamie is sticking to Tumlingtar.  The three of us were heavily tempted by the helicopter, but they raised the price from 70 to 140 dollars, and so we all nixed it.

Veg Fried Potatoes

Veg Fried Potatoes

We played an amazing mega game of Cards Against Humanity with the Germans, an ozzie bloke, a French Canadian, and us three.  (Jamie drank tea and watched but he decided that the game “wasn’t for him.”)  A group of Israeli trekkers sat next to us, making for some hilariously awkward situations given the nature of the cards.

Curry Veg Momos

Curry Veg Momos

Stocked up on snacks for the next several days, including tons of coconut biscuits and a whole jar of peanut butter.  So with the bakery and internet time and grocery acquisitions, it was the most expensive day of the trip so far.

Day 18

From/To:  Namche Bazaar
Elevation: 3440 meters
Lodge: Valley View Lodge
Budget: 3175 rupees


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