Everest Base Camp – Day 13, Dzonglha Rest Day

Guess what?  Another freezing cold night with bizarro dreams.  The one I was having when I awoke was that I was protecting this strange talking baby from Adolf Hitler and the Nazis from some strange scientific sacrificial ritual.  I was teaching the baby about the Pythagorean theorem to protect him…anyway, the rest is hard to explain but you get the idea. I did sleep much better than at Gorak Shep, which I think was just too high.

Rest day today and it’s nice not to be on the move, although I sure do miss my kindle.  Yesterday I got my first blister, which is not bad for shoes that were cheap vietnamese knockoffs and already falling apart.

Having a day off means crossing the pass is looming in our minds.  Ash is thinking of flying out with Mads, I’m not sure I want to do the 3rd (unnecessary) pass, and poor Jamie is still dead set on 30 days of trekking.

At any rate, it was a day of drinking hot lemon tea and playing cards.  Lots of people showed up today–15 or so, which makes us feel a little bad about our free, unshared room we take up.  Not so bad that we moved or anything, but still.  The good thing is that we’ll have lots of people to go over the pass with.

The other trekkers were great, and there was even doppelgänger group with a Dane, an Ozzy, a west coaster, and someone from a few hundred miles away from Ontario.  Also some large groups of Spaniards and Russians, but they kept to themselves.

Max, who worked in Antarctica, passed out some Cliff bars and energy bars.  Jamie kept asking him for more until he was the only one with two.  Ash, who didn’t get any, asked him for one.  “I don’t think so,” Jamie said.  “Sounds like you’re trying to guilt trip me.”

“That’s exactly what I’m doing,” Ashraf said.  “You got two and I got zero.  You should feel guilty.”

Jamie didn’t budge.  So I told Ash I’d split mine with him at the pass.  It was all good.  And we learned that our very cool lodge owner had climbed Everest 10 times, before getting married  in 2006 and forbidden to climb anymore.  He’d also summited Rainer and was the guide for Bear Grylls when the kid who climbed everest went up in 98.

With almost 20 people, it felt crowded but we learned that high season (October and November) there were 120 people a night!  Crazy, and even with the snow makes me glad to be hiking now.

We’re leaving before 6 tomorrow and all told it should be a 7- 10 hour day, depending upon whom you ask.  It’s nearly as high as Thorung La and I’m hoping it won’t be as hard.  I spent 6 dollars on some pocket potato momos for lunch tomorrow.  With those and the cliff bar I should have plenty of energy.

No photos today but I got my camera charged.  Tomorrow will another phototastic day!

Day 13

From/To: Dzonglha Rest Day
Elevation: 4830 meters
Lodge: Hotel Green Valley
Budget: 1680 rupees

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