Everest Base Camp –Budget

The hike to Everest Base Camp can be expensive if you include two flights, a porter, a guide, or other non-essential elements.  But if you bus or jeep in, hike on your own, with buddies, or find someone in Kathmandu or a place like trekkingpartners then it can be quite a bit cheaper.

Here are all of my costs.

TIMs:              20
Sagamartha Permit 30
Jeep (to)        25
Jeep (from)  20
TOTAL          90

EBC 228
R Down sleeping bag .8 cents/day 17
R down jacket .6 cents/day              15
Gloves                                                        1.5
Hat                                                              1.5
Socks x2                                                   2.5
Tshirts x2                                                6
Water pills x100                                   5
Buff                                                             1
Water Bottles x2                                   5
map                                                             2
Snacks/drink mix,Tp, toothpaste 30
sunscreen, etc
TOTAL                                                       85
kat 018
21 days food/accom/                      290
wifi/battery recharge*

*This number skews high because of too much internet in Gokyo and a stupid night in Lukla.

 TOTAL TOTAL                                  470

 That comes out to about 22 dollars a day counting everything.  Not bad when you see that companies charge thousands of dollars for much shorter hikes.

Stuff I already had:

polyprops top and bottom
trekking shorts
zipoff pants that did not survive the trek
1 pair trekking socks that did not survive the trek
janky ass shoes that did not survive the trek

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