Recommendations from the Road

The old saying in Nepal is that you come for the mountains and come back for the people. This is referring to the Nepalese people, who have lives which would make the average westerner cry into their ipad and yet remain friendly and open.

But the travelers you meet are a cut above as well. Part of this is that people who want to climb mountains are generally far more rad than people who want to lie on beaches or drink all night. Actually, come to think of it, that is almost entirely it. It’s great fun, whether on a trek or drinking coffee in a cafe, to chat with travelers and discuss film, literature, and tunes. I was able to write down a bunch of what I was told. And here, from the travelers of Nepal to you, all of you are a bunch of cool things.

Books & Stories

Asimov – Last Dancer
Hopscotch – Cortazar
A fine balance Rohinton Mistry
The red and the black Stendhal

Movies and Shows

black mirror
The in-betweeners
Stargate SG-1 Seasons 1-3
docu about eco tourists in oregon
180 degrees south
Transcendent man



Madrid d’os (FADO style)
Ojos de Brujo (flamenco hiphop)
House of Rising Sun (Sons of Anarchy)
Kompania al gazzura
O Que Estrada – (flamenc ska(
ongoing history of new music
Fela Kuti
A mi manera Gypsy Kings
El ferrocarril de los alpes – Guatemala
La historia de un Taxi
Fuiste tu
the bees punchbag
chasing status
Freddie Gibbs & madlib pinata
Late night tales – bonobo mix
gold panda

Places to go




Puerto Princesa

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