April 2014 Budget: Nepal

Here’s my budget for April

As of the April 28th, the day I left, I spent 820 dollars in Nepal this month. But a lot of what I spent was of the sort of optional or extra variety. (For instance, if I hadn’t gone trekking I would have saved at least 120 dollars, not counting the disparity between food and guesthouse prices.) Anyway, here are the sort of optional expenses:

30 dollars shoes
20 dollars sleeping bag
20 dollars stolen at guest house on Trek
5 dollars stolen at former favorite restaurant Punjabi
210 dollars tattoos
40 dollars trekking permits.
11 dollars RT to trail head.
30 dollars shipping broken kindle back to Amazon
10 dollars for a pair of snazzy new pants

So if none of the above had been spent, it would have been a 450 dollar month. That includes lots of great meals (GREAT meals, I say) (too) many snack visits to the supermart, bus rides, pots of coffee, printing at the internet café, some quite nice accommodation, a round of postcards, bakery trips (noticing a theme?), and more.

Didn’t include:

Soda: I’ve given it up almost entirely, and my budget thanks me!
Booze: I spent maybe 10 dollars on alcohol the whole month.
Fun but too-brief things like paragliding, boating, etc

I’m already missing the cheap prices of Nepal!

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