Everest Base Camp – Day 8, Dingboche Rest Day

Because of the ever-growing altitude,  we are advised to have another rest day here.  The term “rest” means only that do not change towns, for today has one of the most challenging hikes of the trip.  The only solace is that we can leave our backpacks behind as we ridge climb up to Dingboche Ri, which we’ve heard rivals the best views on the entire trek.


And what a walk it was!  Up to 5090 meters, up and up and up!  Today was the first day I had to admit that the views were just better than anything on Annapurna.  I did not think I would go all the way up and brought no water but had to push on.  Stopped to rest for breath 20 or 30 times.

Most of the other people (90%) who began climbing up did not continue until the end.  It would have been nigh impossible with the backpack and even without I thought seriously about turning back more than once but it was well worth the effort.  360 degree views and the town looming so far below us.  Also stumbled upon some fat grousey birds that made almost cat-like noises.

Made our way back town, talking video games, and then more seabuckthorn juice and sherpa stew.  Had the same again for dinner–which made 4 in a row.  It’s just too delicious!

We stayed by the yak dung fire as long as we could, but were in bed by 9 and I read for another hour.

I have so many pictures from today that it’s time for another gallery.



Day 8
From / To: Dingboche
Elevation: 4410 meters
Lodge: Alpine Resort
Budget: 1580 rupees


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