Everest Base Camp – Day 7, Tengboche to Dingboche

We’re high enough that weird dreams have become mixed with a serious lack of sleep.  I did dream of fighting zombies but for some reason I had to make shoes out of corn-on-the-cob while fighting them.  Not exactly multi-tasking at its most logical, I admit.  Tossed and turned until 4 am, at which point I read until people woke up.  We left around 9–it was another short day and the views in the morning were great in all directions.

Just another day on the trail

Just another day on the trail

We were the last trekkers in the village.  Such a nice clear morning.  We ran into a guy who at first chided us, then belittled us, then told us he was part of a BBC documentary filming the ice-ladders.  We left him and passed a host and some cameramen who shooed us away like we were dogs.  Wankers. From there, we walked along the river for some time, before crossing it and climbing ever so much more up.

Crossing the River

Crossing the River

It was a lovely walk though.  Ama Dablam was so close, right in front of us.  More yaks, including the biggest ones yet, and they were slipping and sliding down the icy trail.  It was tough though–the book said 2.5 hours, but it took us over 4 and we didn’t stop for lunch.

Ama Dablam (aka Abracadabra Mountain)

Ama Dablam (aka Abracadabra Mountain)

We arrived in the tiny town of Dingboche and for the first time found a few places that were full.  It took a few tries but we found a sweet place.  The food was the most expensive yet (Dal Bhat was 550!) but the views were nice and they had seabuckthorn juice.

Warm Seabuckthorn juice aka Nectar of the Gods

Warm Seabuckthorn juice aka Nectar of the Gods

We met a cool couple from Victoria and chatted with them for some time over a yak dung fire.  I had for the first time some Sherpa stew, which is life-changingly delicious.  Sadly, I burnt one of my two pairs of socks!

Sherpa Stew

Sherpa Stew

We’re high enough that the tiny scrapes on our hands and bodies aren’t healing. Things that would heal before you noticed at sea level are plaguing us all. Stupid no oxygen.


Day 7

From / To: Tengboche to Dingboche
Elevation: 4410 meters
Lodge: Alpine INn
Budget: 1250 rupees



2 responses to “Everest Base Camp – Day 7, Tengboche to Dingboche

  1. Is the Sherpa Stew made from real sherpas?

  2. You can get it that way, but I went with the soy Sherpa version.

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