While You’re Making Other Plans

I recently shared a taxi to the Kathmandu airport with two dudes–one was born in 1993 and the other born in 1995. The cool thing was there wasn’t really a huge age difference, apart from differentiating experience levels. Both guys were level headed, soft-spoken world-travelers more mature than many thrice their age. One was going to volunteer with an aboriginal community in Northern Australia and the other was heading to British Columbia to spend the summer planting trees.

But 1995. Come on. That dude’s entire life has been since I graduated high school. It’s the kind of thing that makes you wonder: What have even I done with my life since then?

Well, it made me wonder, anyway. And so I had to answer with the following video. (Pictures from about 95–05 are hard to come by, at least digital ones, but I’ve made do.)


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