Everest Base Camp – Day 5, Namche Bazaar Rest Day

I woke up this morning completely unaware as to where I was.  While in the sleeping bag, in the dark, I thought about it for some time.  Finally I realized I was definitely in Athens, though I was not entirely sure how I got there.  No memories of arriving, so then I realized the truth–I was in Amsterdam.  Cool!  I was making some plans to go visit my friends Adam and Jess in London when the actual truth dawned on me.

I was in Nepal!  At Namche Bazaar!  It was a rest day and so I read in my sleeping bag for about an hour, until I finished Zoo City.  Such luxury.  My legs were feeling better but I decided to forego day hikes in favor of a day of rest and recuperation.

After a while I went down to the river with the guys and did some river laundry.  The river was ice cold and all of our hands went numb but it was fun to scrub away and get our clothes clean(er).   A sunny, windy day quickly dried our clothes and for 3 dollars a hot shower was available.

Hangin' in the Bakery

Hangin’ in the Bakery

Walked around Namche–coconut crispies have gone from 15 at the start of the trek to 90 here!  With the visits to the bakery and stocking up on more snacks, it was another expensive day. But a good one. We charged electronics at the bakery while snacking and playing cards.  I found out that in Canada, in the far north, you have to travel with an electric bear fence to keep polar bears away.

Butterfly cookies at Namaste Bakery Butterfly cookies at Namaste Bakery

Ashraf and Mads had a bet about whether or not the band Royksopp was from Iceland. The loser owed the winner an apple pie. Mads was wrong, and so Ash cashed in on his apple pie here. While we played cards, some London banker wankers took about 3000 selfies with a pair of Korean trekkers. In the meantime, tensions with one of our party grew more marked.

But in the end we worked it out and will set off tomorrow. It should only be a 4 hour day, and is supposed to be the most beautiful day yet. Should be great. In the meantime, dinner saw the best dal bhat of the trek yet!

Dal to the Bhat

Dal to the Bhat

Day 5

From / To: Namche to Nowhere
Elevation: 3440 meters
Lodge: Everest Hotel
Budget: 1715 rupees

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