Everest Base Camp – Day 2, Nunthala to Bhupsa

Woke up to another sunny day, and the sounds of birds cawing and donkey bells ringing.  The day began with a  lot of descent (700 meters) through very pretty country.  And then we bottomed out, crossed a bridge, and climbed back up 400 meters in an hour-and-a-half.  Stopped at a nice village called KariKola and lunch was the best food so far.  The others got daal bhat but, not as hungry, I stuck with the old classic spring roll.

Even more donkeys today.  I finished “A Horse and His Boy” on audio as we climbed to increasingly nice views. My legs were pretty sore still, and my neck/shoulders were quite unhappy as well.  But the days were still utterly enjoyable.

After lunch, we climbed some more, through the beginnings of rhododendron forests. The company was divided about what to do when we reached Bupsa at 3:30.  There was still plenty of time in the day, but more climbing didn’t sound that great.  But Mads and Jamie, who were keen to keep going, thought if we pushed on for another hour it would put Namche at just two days away.

Lethargy won the day, and we ended staying with in a lodge with a really cute little girl who kept us all entertained that longish afternoon.  Another 50 rupee a night room, and although the hot shower on offer was only 100 rupees I chose to wallow in my filth a while longer.

The body was sore, but no blisters yet is a major success!

Day 2

From / To: Nunthala to Bupsa
Elevation: 2640 meters
Lodge: LT Sherpa Lodge and Restaurant
Budget: 590 rupees



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