Yeti Eats: A Vegan Indian Feast in Thailand For Christmas

The equation for our xmas feast looked something like this:
We cooked Mexican on Thanksgiving + we make Thai food every night = Clearly xmas needs an Indian spread.

Not the easiest ingredients to find, though cumin and curry powder are readily available. It was also hard to choose only 3 curries, but Krampus helped out by making lentils disappear from all the stores we looked for them. We also cooked some chapati, a bunch of whole-grained rice, and I made a half-assed Burmese tomato salad. We bought something that said it was whole wheat flour from Australia but entirely wasn’t, so the chapati ended up a bit non-traditional, though still plenty tasty.

Cooking Palak Paneer with Thai Tofu.

Cooking Palak Paneer with Thai Tofu.

Palak Paneer (Tofu) Cooking

Palak Paneer (Tofu) Cooking

Aloo Palak is one of my favorite dishes, but as a twist that we learned in Laos, I subbed the potatoes for tofu and it turned out pretty well. It was lucky that we’d picked up a blender, and also a bit fortunate to have found spinach (though we were thinking subbing some of the leafy greens found in the Thai market).

We don't have a lot of dishes.

We don’t have a lot of dishes.

Half-assed Burmese Salad

Half-assed Burmese Salad

I also made my first rajma masala, which wasn’t bad but was probably more chili than curry. Rach chipped in a chickpea pumpkin curry that was, I’m forced to admit, quite a bit tastier than either of mine.

Triple Traffic Light Curries

Triple Traffic Light Curries

The Full Spread

The Full Spread

Rach’s sister and bro-in-law were in town, and a buddy of mine came over, so with our little two burner kitchen and not many dishes we were happy to be able to provide for five. (Of course, life being what it is, the water went out for over an hour, which made it damn difficult to cook.)

We've got everything.  We've got!  We've got!

We’ve got everything. We’ve got! We’ve got!

All in all, it was quite a result. And that’s not even mentioning dessert, which will get a post all of its own. We followed dinner and dessert with a rousing game of Elder Signs, where Cthulhu devoured all of our sanity. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the holiday any other way.


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