Yeti Budgets: Thailand

When I first visited Thailand (coming from New Zealand, in 2010), it seemed like the cheapest place on the planet. $1 pad thai? A hotel room for $8 a night? 50c coke zero? This time, having spent the previous few months in Nepal, India, and Cambodia, Thailand actually felt a little expensive! Bus and ferry tickets are pricier there, as is accommodation. We were also lucky enough to meet up with Ahimsa’s sister, Janessa, and our buddy Emma, which meant a little more boozing, and a little less hermit-ing it up in hotel rooms. That said, we hardly paid any entrance fees and did very little shopping, so the overall budget balanced out.

Accommodation: $14.53/night
Our accommodation in Thailand ranged from a 240B ($8) double room with fan and shared bathroom in Bangkok to a 750B ($25)  room at a resort in Ao Ton Sai.

Food: $21.15/day
Meals in Thailand were cheap — $1 for pad thai in Bangkok, and $2-3 for a big ol’ meal in a sit down restaurant. Honestly, a chunk of our ‘food’ budget was actually spent on buckets of booze on Koh Phangan…

Travel: $8.15/day
Traveling in Thailand was a little more expensive than our previous few countries. Long ferry+bus combo tickets set us back about $20 per person, and ferries between islands were around $10 each.

Miscellaneous: 63c/day
In Thailand, our ‘miscellaneous’ spending was pretty minimal; we bought a couple of pairs of jandals, a pair of sunglasses, and not much else!

Total: $44.45 together/$22.23 each

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