Yeti Budgets: Cambodia

Although I spent a little more in Cambodia than in Nepal and India, Cambodia was – like everywhere we’ve been so far – pretty flipping cheap. Since I was traveling solo, I spent about half my time in super cheap dorms ($2-$3), eating grilled bananas (25c), baguettes (15c), and noodle soup ($1).

That said, I also spent a little too much time (and moolah) drinking beer and shopping.

Note: Remember that these are all per person!

Accommodation: $5.40/night

As I mentioned earlier, I spent about half of my time in Cambodia in two super cheap, super sweet dorms (Magic Sponge, Kampot: $3 and Here Be Dragons, Battambang: $2). In between the dorms, I sprung for single rooms ($6-$10).

Food (including booze): $8.82/day

Particularly if you eat at local markets and street stalls, Cambodian food is ridiculously cheap — 50c for noodle soup, 25c for grilled bananas (pretty much my favourite thing in the entire world), and 15c for a fresh baguette. That said, guesthouses and more touristy restaurants are (unsurprisingly) more expensive — you could easily spend $3 – $5 per dish.

As the ‘including booze’ in the heading indicates, alcohol accounted for more of my Cambodian budget than it probably should have. Turns out, even if booze is super cheap (and I mean super cheap; think 50c – $1 draught beers and $1.50 cocktails), a big night is always going to up the budget a bit.

Travel: $1.50/day

I traveled exclusively by bus in Cambodia, and paid between $5 and $8 for longish trips. I hired bikes in most cities ($1 – $2/day) and only took a few tuk-tuk rides.

Miscellaneous: $4.40/day

Miscellaneous spending in Cambodia includes: Ankgor Wat one day pass ($20), market stall haircut ($2.oo), street stall dye job ($2.50), a few too many cheap t-shirts.

Total: $20.12/day (which puts Cambodia right in the middle of the pack! Cheaper than Malaysia and Myanmar, more expensive than India and Nepal.)

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