Yeti Budgets: Goa

My five week stint in Goa was a bit wacky, budget-wise — I spent a crazy (for Goa) amount on accommodation, and very little on anything else!  Turns out, if you cook all your meals at home (bliss!), score a free bike from a rad wee Goan dude, and spend your days doing online yoga, cycling around Palolem, and drawing your fingers off, you don’t end up spending a whole lot of cashola!

I only ventured out of Palolem a couple of times, and even then, the bus fare was around 30c.

The cheapest month, by a long shot*!

Food: $3.57/day

Eating out in India is cheap, sure, but cooking is even cheaper. $3.57 a day bought me ridiculous quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables, oats, nuts, chickpeas, lentils, coffee, tea, and eggs. For more on my Goan grocery list, check this out.

F yeah, veggies.

Vegetables at my local grocery store in Canacona. I think those bags of tomatoes went for a whopping 30c.

Travel: 12c/day

While I was in Palolem, I pretty much stayed in Palolem, apart from daily bike rides (did I mention my free bike?) to Canacona.  I ventured out to Madgaon a couple of times, but at 30c per trip, my daily average stayed ridiculously low.

Miscellaneous: $1.15/day

Palolem’s miscellaneous items: pencil case, shampoo and conditioner, laundry soap, sketchbooks…

Accommodation: $10.45

I splashed out on my accommodation, and don’t regret it for a second. Just over $10 a night for a huge, open space, a great kitchen, and even a drawing table! Sweet deal.

Drawing table! Kitchen!

Drawing table! Kitchen!

Total: $15.30/day (It does my wee heart good to know that, if all else fails, I can always go back and live in Palolem for just over $5000 a year. Not the worst back-up plan ever.)

*Note: When I first started thinking about spending a chunk of time in Palolem, I stumbled upon this lovely blog — as cheap as my month felt, Candace did basically the same thing for just over $300! Blimey.

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