Riding The Beast: Or How I Learned to Love Taking the Greyhound

Retro Greyhound Bus Station

Greyhound buses don’t have the best reputation in America, a country with limited public transportation options already. Renowned more for smelling like pee than being on time, and taking into account the affordability and prevalence of rental cars the Greyhound, is a last resort option for the disenfranchised.

Or so I used to think. The last time I had ridden it, in 2001, I vowed to never return. I was so serious about it that, at 26, I finally even learned to drive and got my license.

But I checked online (and just to be sure subsequently called) at all the rental car places and it cost 170 dollars to rent a car for one day. Who can pay that? Who would pay that? So I hopped on the Greyhound, more or less expecting the worst.

I did not get the worst.

I am here to tell you that the Greyhound is pretty rad. The seats are comfortable and roomy. There is a bathroom on board. The people are nice—I met young travellers, middle-aged adventurers on day trips, students, and international students. (I also met a young couple in Eugune who had fallen asleep and missed their stop in Redding, some 9 hours back).

In 3 trips, I was not ever significantly late.

It’s still not cheap, not by any standard. It costs 50 bucks for a 5 hour bus ride, which just seems silly. I should also point out that it is is much better to buy your tickets from the Stations–if you buy online, the workers don’t get paid!

All in all, the greyhound is a great option for those without a car, or those who want to just read and listen to music as the world passes them by.

One response to “Riding The Beast: Or How I Learned to Love Taking the Greyhound

  1. Dude, I’m sorta fond of the Greyhound. I mean, it’s frequently my only option, but I’m glad it’s there. The buses (on the west coast at least) aren’t fancy or they don’t have tvs, but they do get you from point A to point B. And the people! I usually read a book or half-sleep, but I’ve overheard some of the best conversations on the Greyhound.

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