Yeti Sleeps: Le Palolem

When I planned my month in Goa, I pictured myself in a nice wee beach side shack — all rustic and bricky and stuff. Somehow, though, I ended up here:

017 (6)

…in a spacious…

Living Room

…air conditioned apartment…


…with a dining (or sketching!) area…

Kitchen and Table

…and a fully stocked kitchen!

More Kitchen

After my cramped, moldy, hot-as-balls room in Delhi, where the manager found reasons to come into the room and lounge on my bed quite frequently, this felt like unspeakable luxury. Actually, after the five weeks I stayed there, it still did.

Le Palolem is definitely more expensive than your average Palolem accommodation — I paid 600RS/$11 per night, after an intense haggling session.   If you just show up and find something, I imagine you could pay half this. That said, if you a). want to have something booked before you arrive and/or b). want to get your fancy on a little, Le Palolem is a great option.

The apartment is spacious, with air-con in the bedroom and not one, but two balconies. It has a well equipped kitchen, a dining table, a super clean bathroom, and enough floorspace to break out some serious yoga (or solo dance parties — whatever floats your boat.)

The location, while not super close to Palolem beach itself, is lovely — close to both Patnem and Colomb beaches, and about a 15min bike ride to the raging metropolis of Chaudi, the nearest ‘big city’.

Contact Ahby at for more details.

4 responses to “Yeti Sleeps: Le Palolem

  1. That sounds divine!

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  4. Iam pleased:)

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