Yeti Budgets: Nepal

It probably won’t surprise anyone, but Nepal is dirt cheap. Ahi covered the Annapurna Hiking costs here, so this blog only includes our non-hiking days, most of which were spent lazing around Kathmandu and Pokhara, eating a bunch, and making the most of happy hours pretty frequently.

Accommodation: $6.26/night
Yep, $6,26. As in, almost $20 less than our average in Myanmar and roughly $10 less than we spent in Malaysia. Plus, the rooms were nice. I mean, nothing too fancy pants, but spacious, light, and almost always with bathroom attached. In Pokhara, most hotels have rad gardens and rooftops. Our most expensive room (which we kind of got suckered into on arrival) was $10. Our cheapest (Hotel Greenland- a great wee place in Pokhara with a fantastic garden) was $4.60.

Food: $22.68/day
I feel like this number is slightly misleadingly high– if you wanted to, you could eat very cheaply in Nepal. Refillable thalis go for the equivalent of about $1.80, and a ‘simple breakfast set’ (coffee, fried potatoes, toast, two eggs, butter and jam) will set you back only about $1.20. So, how did we manage to spend over $11 each? Post-hike beers (consumed daily for about a week after we got back…), plungers full of coffee (consumed in the name of free wifi), and snacks and soda galore, that’s how. Worth it.

Travel: $2.28/day
Our travel costs were low in Nepal for a couple of reasons: 1. Buses are cheap (300-500RS/$3.50-$6.00 for a 6 hour ride), and 2. We didn’t actually do a whole lot of traveling. Apart from the hike, we only really spent time in 3 places (Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan) and in those places, we spent the majority of our time just wandering around. And sleeping. And eating. All activities that require minimal transportation!

Miscellaneous: $9.69/day
Nepal’s ‘miscellaneous’ category includes two major things: gearing up for Annapurna (new boots for me, hiring a sleeping bag for Ahimsa, etc), and a one-day safari in Chitwan National Park. Apart from that, we bought some sweet travel shirts, a couple of books, a bunch of gifts, and some bad-ass stretcher earrings.

Total daily spending: $40.91 altogether/$20.45 each

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