A Day in the Life: Annapurna Circuit

(Note: hiking Annapurna was nowhere near as monotonous as this post makes it seem. The people change, the scenery changes, the altitude changes. But, over the 14 days of hiking, you do tend to get into quite a same-y routine)

Alarm rings at 6:30 or 7.

Get up. Hopefully, you packed your bag last night– stuff in anything still lying around.

Gobble a snickers. Splash cold water (if running) on face. Sunscreen. Nivea creme (to counter effects from yesterday’s sun). Redress blisters (or check whether band-aids are still hanging on) and put on boots (bummer).

Check under beds. Leave at 7 or 7:30. Trek for 4 to 5 hours. Sometimes high, sometimes not so much. Sometimes climbing. Actually, almost always climbing. Stop, wait, rest. Eat coconut cookies (30RS). Take pictures.

Stop for lunch at whichever restaurant says ‘Namaste! Lunch?’ first in the chosen town. Usually at 12ish. Eat momos, spring rolls, chow mein at increasingly steep prices. Make the most of the hour-ish wait by removing boots and pack, and putting feet up. Read, re-read, re-re-read maps until they’re dog-eared and falling apart.

Put boots back on (double bummer!). Keep going. Most days finish by 3 or 4. Find guesthouse (cheapest, closest to water station, or closest to the end of town to minimize tomorrow’s hiking).

Take boots off. Explore, if there is anything to see. Read (ration kindle battery), journal, order dinner early, drink tea (if cold), hang out, sleep at 9pm, at the latest.

Sleep and repeat!

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