Yeti Budgets: Myanmar

We expected Myanmar to be expensive. While in most parts of Asia, we’re hoping to spend around $25/each per day (including buses and domestic flights, excluding international flights), for our time in Myanmar, we budgeted $45. Jeepers. Luckily we way over-budgeted, and ended up with a bunch of extra crisp, new hundred-dollar bills.

Accommodation: $24.70/night
I wrote about our accommodation in detail here, but all in all, accommodation was less pricey than we thought, but still a lot more expensive than elsewhere in SE Asia. Our most expensive night was at Mayflower Inn, Yangon ($45) and our least (excluding night bus – no accommodation required! – nights) was at Golden Kalaw Inn, Kalaw ($12).

Food: $15.30/day
Food in Myanmar is so cheap. We had a couple of banana leaf sets in Yangon for 1000 kyatt (about $1.20) and drank our fair share (plus a couple of other people’s) of 300kyatt (40c) soda. Our most expensive was a ‘Myanmar Traditional Food Set’ in Inle Lake– soup, salad, curry, rice, juice, and peanuts for 3000kyatt ($3.50) each. Beer is a lot cheaper than in Malaysia (1500kyatt/$1.75), so we had a couple of boozy nights.

Travel: $10/day
Long distance buses are pretty similar in price to those in Malaysia– around 10,000-15,000 kyatt ($12-$17.50) for an 8-10 hour ride. We also spent a little bit of taxis, tri-shaws, motorcycles, and even horse-carts in Myanmar, as public buses were somewhat hard to find (and figure out).

Miscellaneous: $2.95
Apart from tattoos and Ahimsa’s longgi, the only ‘miscellaneous’ items I remember buying in Myanmar are a couple of entrance fees, and our matching elephant-print pants…

Total: $52.95 altogether/$26.50 each

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