Getting a Tattoo in a Myanmar Cafe

You know what they say. If you find a place with 10 dollar tattoos, go for it.

tattoo 5

When we heard there was an unofficial guy in Nyaungshwe who unofficially gave unofficial tattoos, there was no decision to be made. (Not to worry, he used clean needles and razors and everything.) I have plenty of ideas for tattoos. While I’m saving the rest of my arm and back for Joanne in Portland, I figure there’s room for leg flash pieces. I thought about getting a mastodon, to celebrate my love for megafauna, but then realized people might think it was a reference to the metal band. So Tolkien’s tree it was!

Some of his designs

Some of his designs

And more designs

And more designs

Not sure why, but even though the tattoo took less than an hour, it felt really painful. Maybe I’m a calf pansy?

Filling in the stars.  Ouch.

Filling in the stars. Ouch.

Rach really wanted something too. She couldn’t decide, though, and so she came in while I was getting the work done and sketched a cool design. Half-an-hour later, she was done.

Hello, world!

Hello, world!

It was pretty fun, lying on the restaurant floor and talking to the customers who came in. They were from Vancouver, and their favorite town in the world, like me, is Bend, Oregon. It was kind of harsh though–they got beers and ate chips and gauc while I tried to ignore the needles in my leg. Still we were both done in less than 2 hours.

tattoo 4

Close in work

Close in work


I’m pretty stoked with it–and even with a tip, it cost us less than 20 bucks total.

Finished product

We left on a night bus later that night–good thing too, or we might have been back the next day. I’ve totally got room for some megafauna on my other calf.

Pho Cho and me.

Pho Cho and me.


2 responses to “Getting a Tattoo in a Myanmar Cafe

  1. Saw a tattoo artist working in a field at the Pindaya Pagoda festival for 2000k a piece. Your guy seems to be several magnitudes higher on the health, safety, and skill scales. 🙂

    • This guy was definitely kind of the bomb. That said, getting something in a field at a Pagoda festival would make for some pretty interesting stories. I assume you resisted the temptation?

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