Yeti Budgets: Mainland Malaysia

I love reading other people’s travel blogs. I especially love it when they give me stupidly detailed reports of what they do, where they go, and (most importantly) how much they spend. So, I’m just going to go ahead and assume that you do, too.

Introducing a new series here at Yeti, Yeti Budgets, where we’ll break down the daily costs (in USD) of each country we visit. All amounts are per day, for both of us.

First up, mainland Malaysia. We spent 27 days there, splitting our time between Kuala Lumpur, Georgetown, Langkawi, Tanah Rata, and Melaka.

Food and drinks: $20.30/day
Food in Malaysia is generally wicked cheap. Our cheapest meals were banana leaf sets in Melaka ($1.30 each with free refills) and our most expensive was actually a ‘pay what you want’ curry buffet in Kuala Lumpur (we gave $5 each). We rarely drank in Malaysia, but did hit up one microbrew pub with a good friend, where we splashed out on ridiculously delicious (and ridiculously pricey) beers ($10 a pint. Yikes!).

Miscellaneous: $2.50/day
The ‘miscellaneous’ category includes shopping and anything else that didn’t really fit in the other three categories– in Malaysia, $2.50 a day bought us, among other things, a watch, a haircut, and some entrance fees.

Accommodation: $15.20/night
Our accommodation in Malaysia tended to be pretty similar; double rooms with aircon. Some came with adjoining bathrooms, some without. Some included free breakfast, some didn’t. On our cheapest night, we shared a single room at Lavender Guesthouse (25MYR/$8.30). Our most expensive room was at Grocer’s Inn, on our first couple of nights in Kuala Lumpur (60MYR/$20).

Travel: $7.40/day
Public transport in Malaysia is pretty awesome– we almost never had to resort to taxis and both intercity and local buses are quite cheap. The long distance buses and trains we took were around $10-$15 each, and local buses cost about 50c to $2. We did have a couple of expensive travel days, though; getting from Georgetown to Langkawi set us back around $36.50 each!

Daily total: $45.40 altogether/$22.70 each

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