Yeti Sleeps: Haka Lodge

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, accommodation  in New Zealand is expensive. And, as one of New Zealand’s top tourist spots, Queenstown is no exception.

We were lucky even to come across a hostel that was actually worth our $28.

Haka Lodge

Haka Lodge

Haka Lodge is a very newly built and very nice hostel about a 3 minute walk from the town centre. Their website ‘guarantee[s] that this will be the best dorm room that you will have ever stayed in’… And I have to admit, it really was.

Fancy shmancy bunks

Crappy picture of very un-crappy bunks

Why? Bunks with little curtains, individual power points and lights, hotel quality mattresses (uh, apparently), and lockers big enough to hold our mammoth-sized packs.

Bathroom, kitchen, dining area.

Bathroom, kitchen, dining area.

The rest of the hostel’s not bad, either. The bathrooms are not only super clean, but downright posh. The dude at the desk is friendly and helpful. The kitchen is (for the moment) fully stocked, clean, and stocked with everything you could possibly want. The deck is a smashing place for an evening drink or two. And, last but not least, when we were there, somebody had donated vodka to the free shelf. Score!

Free booze? Don't mind if I do (although, to be fair, we didn't.)

Free booze? Don’t mind if I do (although, to be fair, we didn’t.)

Getting there: The nakedbus stops on the corner of Camp and Shotover St. From there, turn right. Walk for about 3 minutes, then turn right onto Henry St. You’ll see Haka Lodge almost immediately on your right.

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