Yeti Eats: Abrakebabra

In New Zealand (particularly Wellington), you can’t go very far without seeing a kebab shop. They’re all pretty awesome– cheap by New Zealand standards, tasty, with a couple of good vege options. One, however, stands heads and shoulders above the rest.


Abrakebabra, as you can see, boasts ‘Wellington’s most magical kebabs’. Ordinarily, using the words ‘magical’ and ‘kebab’ in the same sentence might seem a smidge over the top. In this case, I reckon it’s just plain true.


The whole menu is probably great. Sadly, I can’t tell you for sure — we were loyal to one thing: the mixed vege kebab burger. Cheap ($7.50), delicious, and filled with so much falafel, vege fritters, hummus, and salad that even I (Rachel) had to get a doggy bag. Unheard of.

Still not convinced? During our 8 days in Wellington – a city not at all lacking in awesome food – only one day passed when we didn’t stop in. And that’s because we hadn’t found it yet.

Location: 90 Manners St, Wellington
Price range: $7.50- $15
Yeti’s pick: Mixed vege kebab burger. Try it with beetroot sauce (my pick) or hot chili and barbecue (Ahi’s).

4 responses to “Yeti Eats: Abrakebabra

  1. Mmmmm kebab burger. I remember the days when they were $4.50. Even better!

  2. This looks great, all the kebab shops in the UK I’m used to are a bit dodgy, we’ll be in Wellington towards the end of march so we’ll have to look out for this one.

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