Yeti Eats: Fruit and Veg of Hawkes Bay

The Hawke’s Bay region of New Zealand is famous for its sunshine and wineries. But all that sunlight leads to some other great benefits as well.

Maybe it’s just because we’ve been in Korea, but the produce of New Zealand is quite figuratively knocking our socks off. Huge, delicious, and cheap; there’s nothing not to like.

These were purchased at a neighborhood veggie mart. Even eating a cup or two of veg with lunch and dinner, it took some munching to eat these.

Total cost: 3 bucks.

Sue’s Produce: The Best!

Pumpkin Table at Chantal’s

The mightiest broccoli … in the world.

Farmer’s Market

2 responses to “Yeti Eats: Fruit and Veg of Hawkes Bay

  1. Lovely! That’s the only thing dear New Plymouth lacks – a good farmer’s market with lots of fruit and veg. It’s one thing that even Palmerston North does better than here. I can’t even imagine the bounty in Hawkes Bay! Now I don’t have to thanks to your post, it is as good or better than I would guess!

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