Urban Yeti: Auckland

Auckland is a somewhat maligned city.  It’s too sprawling, and boring, and lacking character (compared to its rival Wellington anyway).  It’s flat and too expensive.  It doesn’t have that funky sense of charm that defines the world’s great cities.  And it doesn’t even have a tree on its iconic One Tree Hill anymore!

It’s often compared to Sydney, which is nice enough but certainly no Melbourne.  A big, boring city, in other words.

All those things may very well be true.  They don’t really matter though–a harbor city with a cute little space needle, Auckland does have charm, I reckon.  The waterfront is nice, and the cafes are abundant.  And Boundary Road Brewery, located in Auckland, makes great microbrews.

And one of our favorite places is called Food Alley, which is a food court with 8 to 10 (no chain) restaurants serving food from all around the world.

We all agreed that Auckland is surprisingly cool.  What do you think?

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