Yeti Sleeps: The Bach

Ask any Kiwi about summer, and they’ll mention a bach rather quickly.  At one point they might have been houses for bachelors, but now they’re modest vacation homes, usually found by lakes or the sea.  They are always furnished; for groups there are few better accommodation options.

I had heard stories of great trips to baches, filled with days  of swimming and nights playing dusty board games.  My expectations were high, but not nearly high enough.When we (eventually) landed in New Zealand, we met Rachel’s family at the airport and immediately headed to a bach on Lake Pupuke.

My first bach was a great one: a sprawling multi-story dwelling with fruit trees, a deck overlooking the lake, and several kayaks and paddle boards.  I’m not a guy who needs a lot of luxury, but this was pretty great.  We had weetbix for breakfast, hummus sandwiches for lunch, and all kinds of good dinners.

I can’t think of a much better introduction to New Zealand (‘s north island.)

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