Korean Students on Fame


The end of another month means more writing tests. The subject this month was fame–I’m happy that they’ve all learned being famous isn’t necessarily a good thing.

My hate singer is IU. Iu is unlucky. Before, IU was wang-tta and beggar, but now assume airs. I really hate IU. IU is not pretty, not cute, not sing good. So I hate IU. Iu is very ugly. So I hate IU. I only love BIGBANG.

I don’t want I’m famous. Because I’m very famous, I din’t like life. If I’m rich and famous, maybe I’m suicide. In my opinion, it’s isn’t same happy. Because Happy people have everything. but fame people don’t have everything. So I like happy people.

People thinks that being famous is always good. That is because if you’re famous, you can be rich, you could even travel around the world. Maybe fame could bring you some money, but there are some things that you can’t buy. For example, friendship or love. If you’re famous and go to a market, everyone wants to see you, and get signs. Because of this, you may have to run out of the market.

I like famous people. However, on Internet sight there are many bad words. I think the famous people will be sad or tired. Maybe they will be happy too? Do you know Shin-Ha-Nle? She got bullying when she was in elementary school. She said “All thing is strange.” I think famous people is not good.

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