Korean Students on Vacation and Food

A while ago I posted some excerpts of my students’ tests. This month the topics were food and . Here are some snippets from my favorites. (Notice the use of nummy, which I gave bonus points for.)

finally I’m master free dance!! This is very nice and fantastic

And we go to the cave. It’s very novelty. In cave, they are many stalactite, and I don’t know what is it. But very novelty. Jeju Island air is very clean. It’s refreshingness.

We are experience fishing, looking under the sea, and eat marine products. I ate a lobster, a coconut juice. And … oh…I don’t memory it. But, I’m ate very many things. I like Philippines very much. This travel are very fantastic.

My favorite food is taco and pizza. taco is very delisous and wonderfur. I can eat try to taco. and pizza is nummy. many population like this.

I like the pizza. It is Itelian dish. I’m eat it at a my home. I eat pizza with coke, hot sauce and cheeze topic. And my best pizza store is Domino Pizza. because Domino pizza dough is very big. My best pizza type is potato.

2 responses to “Korean Students on Vacation and Food

  1. Have to admit, I’m kinda jealous that I’m not master free dance.

  2. Well it did seem to take her quite a long time. She had quite an emphatic “finally.”

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