What can 8 bucks buy you in South Korea?

The answer is … a lot of things.  8000 won (roughly 8 bucks) can buy you 8 bottles of soju, a cocktail at a club in gangnam, or a used novel  at What the Book?

It took me a while to learn, but fruits and veggies are cheaper the further you get from the supermarkets.  Buying from the back of a truck, or an adjumma on the side of the street is the way to go.  Recently I bought 12 kiwis and 10 bell peppers (capsicums to the Kiwis) for 2 dollars each.

But this haul is one of my best ever.  5 onions, two ginormous peppers, a head  of lettuce, 4 kiwis, a mondo bag of garlic, and 2 carrots all for under 8 bucks. Perhaps it’s not Central America/SE Asia cheap, but for a huge city, it’s rather pleasing.


2 responses to “What can 8 bucks buy you in South Korea?

  1. Weirdest salad ever…but, for $8, who can complain?

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