Yeti’s Favorite Four Countries

There are a lot of countries in the world, and I haven’t been to most of them.   Of the places I’ve been, however, there are four countries in particular that have stood out.


It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Greece. In fact, I spent drachma, and this picture was taken with a FILM camera and scanned in. But I still remember how great it is. From the Cyclades to the Peloponnesus to the Oracle at Delphi (where this picture was taken), it’s a country that has earned its reputation. Henry Miller (I believe) talked of the eternal high he experienced in the country and I can affirm that. I’d love to go back.


 Nepal has the best mountains, the best food (arguably), and some of the cheapest prices.  You could live here for months, trekking through the Himalayas and eating chow mein and dal. I spent two months here in 2010 and will be going back for two more months next year.

New Zealand

If it’s a famous “of the,” New Zealand has got it.  Lord of the Rings?  Check.  Flight of the Concords?  That’s all you need to know about Aotearoa.


The first foreign country I lived in, way back in 1997-1998.  In many ways, it’s still the best place I’ve lived.  Edinburgh is still, to my mind, the greatest city in the world.  The Highlands are mystically famous for a reason.  The beer is great.  And the single-malt whiskys are plentiful.

Are any of these places on your favorite or to-see list? Are there any glaring omissions. Let me know in the comments!

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