Korean Students on Fashion

Once a month, I give a writing test to my best class of students.  It is always something we’ve talked about and read about in great detail, but it often takes them aback.  This month’s theme was fashion, and one that should speak somewhat to them.

These kids are in the 10-12 age range, and have quite good English.  But their vocabulary isn’t sufficient for a full-page essay, so I also let them use their phones as translators.

Grading them can be difficult, as none have perfect grammar.  But I do get a kick out of some of their expressions.  Snippets from some of my favorites from this month:

  • I like jeans.  but I really don’t like skirt.  because skirt is a dissonance for me.
  •  I don’t like a necklace, a ring, and a scarf.  A necklace is very indisposition.  A ring is very small.  So I can very easy lose.  A scarf is very long.  So, it is a cause many kind accidents.  Beautiful fashion is good, but I want safety.
  •  In winter, people wear boots, scarf, coat, or gloob.
  •  My sister is very very very able to fashion.  She is master.  She wears a school uniform, glasses, nike shoes, and she wears the north face.  the color is black.  She is a scene of a quarrel (fight) of the first class.  At any rate, I like fashion.

4 responses to “Korean Students on Fashion

  1. Ha! Love it. What did my favorite, Helen, say?

  2. ha! That’s why I love her.

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