Completely Practical ESL Teaching Resources

Before the internet, teaching must have been a far more difficult thing.  There are so many resources and tools easily available now that it can be quite overwhelming.  Have too much of something is almost the same as not having enough of it.

With that in mind, here a personal list of sites I have found useful.  (Keep in mind I usually teach in the 6-11 age range.)  Perhaps they can help you as well.

This one is good for activities to supplement folk tales (ie Henny Penny)

 Lesson Plans

Handwriting worksheets

Phonics worksheets

Alphabet flashcards

Fairy Tale Coloring Pages

Number worksheets

Phonics worksheets

Printable wordsearches

Individual letter worksheets

Cutup takehome books:

Printable word searches

Good game idea

Phonics worksheet generators

 Fairy Tale activities

Great phonics resources

Funny monster game

Pronunciation Guide

Letter Mazes

5 responses to “Completely Practical ESL Teaching Resources

  1. Thanks. This is helpful and handy. I would like to re-blog with your permission. Okay?

  2. You’re welcome! And I think your blog looks great; full of useful ESL tips and tricks. I look forward to perusing it more thoroughly.

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