Yeti Listens: Hey Beautiful Day

No one can blame you if the phrase “Canadian Reggae” makes you feel slightly squidgy inside. But you know what they say about every rule; to find the exception to this one, try listening to some Bedouin Soundclash.

Live in Portland - Dec 2010

These merry songsters have an array of awesome songs, but my favorite (and more importantly for these purposes, the most travel related)  is:

When the Night Hears My Song.

There aren’t that many songs, for me, that have such a solid sense of place.  This one really does–it makes me feel like I’m both leaving for and getting back from a grand adventure.

A sample of the lyrics are below, but (spoiler alert) I didn’t include the chorus or refrain (are those even different things?).  Check out the song, feel happy for a few minutes, and then get back to what you were doing.

I’m on the rocky road, 
Heading down off the mountain slope,
And as my steps echo (echo) louder than before

Another day is done,
Say good-bye to the setting sun,
See what I found, turn back to the ground just like before

When the night feels my song,
I’ll be home, I’ll be home 

Into the undergrowth,
Twist and turn on a lonely road
In the twilight the day turns to night and I’m alone

And when the light has left,
I’m not sure of my every step
I’ll follow the wind that pushes me west back to my bed

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